December 11, 2010

Use Your Big Girl Voice

Luke got home from school today and Lydia
greeted him with a sweet yet silent smile.
He asked her an important question.
The actual question is irrelevant.
Then it began...

Lydia answered the question by tossing her fingers and hands around in the air.  They were deliberate movements, and her eyes stayed locked with Luke's.
In a frustrated and raised voice I heard Luke bust out with,
"Lydia! I don't understand sign language!" 
He asked his question once again.
She flailed her hands and arms again.

Then he stormed off.

Apparently both Luke AND Lydia are fully convinced
that SHE DOES know sign language.

- and in case you're wondering...
NO, Lydia does NOT know sign language.
She DOES, on the other hand, know
how to tick off her brother.

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