June 24, 2010


I've been busy preparing and teaching during a camp at our church.  My class is called, "PERCUSSION FUN!"  I didn't name it, but I was super thrilled to fit into the role!  It's high energy and really fun!  Not to mention very NOISY!
I can tell you 2 funny stories:
#1 On day one, I demonstrated and led an excessive amount of slapping my legs to lead my groups of 3rd and 4th graders.  I modeled rhythms to 5 classes during a 3 hour span.  When I got home Monday evening, I saw that I had hit my legs SO MUCH and SO HARD that I had hand-sized speckly bruises on the tops of my legs!  ACK!!! They were actually really sore and the bruises were really ugly.  It was funny though.
#2 Story number two is about an anonymous boy from camp.  He's probably 9 or 10 years old.  He was telling us a story about how he played in the woods with some friends and he gave one of them, "the lost in the woods treatment."   ha ha  It may be one of those had to be there moments, but it was super funny at the time!

Luke's finished his t-ball season.  Craig, not realizing last night was his final game jokingly (sort of) suggested we go ahead and tell Luke the season was over even if it wasn't.  Happily though, it's over... just in time for the dreadful heat to be in full swing.  Speaking of swing... Luke's team progressed to eliminating the tee all together and having a coach pitch.  Proudly, he was able to hit a pitch during all three innings.  YAY!

Lydia is pooping and peeing on the potty.  I don't know how she'll feel about me sharing this with you when she's older, but for now- it's a huge celebration in her life.  We dance around and chant at each little piddle or plop! WOO HOO!

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