June 27, 2010

Gee, Toto...

We're having a fun mini-vacation this weekend.  Today we had a fun, fun day at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan! I highly recommend it as a family vacation! The exciting part of the day was when we were watching the old-fashioned baseball game
and we started hearing sirens (for weather alerts). A few minutes passed and it was announced that we needed to quickly move INTO THE BASEMENTS of the closeby 100+ year old homes!!!!!!  Employees began unlocking the cellars and such and suggested we go inside.
Dark and dingy... ummmm.... NO THANK YOU!!!!!
It was a Tornado Warning and storms were due to hit the park in 10 minutes. Craig and I opted to take our chance and bolt for the entrance to the park. It took us almost the full 10 minutes to get there and it did start raining on our way.
Then while we were seeking shelter at the gift shop, employees and security were directing all of us to go the basement of the old schoolhouse in the village. Again... NO WAY were we going to be locked up in some old decrepit building! It was a bit scary. We chose to hustle through the rain to the Ford Museum next door where we hung out in a hallway with a couple dozen people for about 30 minutes until the "warning" was lifted.
At that point, it was a light drizzle- so we headed back to the village. We hopped right on the train and rode in a Model T car and enjoyed another hour of sight seeing until the park closed. 
Isn't that crazy?! I talked to an employee and she said she's worked there for YEARS and claims nothing has ever happened like that before. WOW AND... funny enough- there was never really any threatening weather that came through the area. It missed the park completely! ha ha

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