June 11, 2010

Fun at the Ferry

I love my Aunt Mary.
For my kids- their Great Aunt Mary.
Knowing that, you can imagine how it accidentally slipped out from Luke a few years ago... her way cooler name...
a title that has proudly stuck.

Let me introduce to you...

After visiting Aunt Mary the Great at her home on the west side of Cincinnati, I drove the kids to experience the Anderson Ferry.  I've never been myself either.  SO... we waited for a few minutes and then some nice fishermen told us it wasn't running that day.  BOO HOO!!! I proceeded to drive closer to the water though, threatening that I might just go ahead and attempt to make it across the river in our car.  Close enough to concern my children.  They worried their mother had lost her ever-lovin' mind!   I promise you it wasn't actually dangerously close.  Just nearby enough to have a little fun!

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