June 7, 2010


Okay, if you didn't already know... or maybe you don't care (I take no offense to this, by the way!) I quit my other blog.  With no sadness, either.  I gave the challenge a good "go", but it's WAY harder than I thought it would be.  I almost made it a half of a year.  Phew!

On another topic, if you've completed my blog survey, I thank you!!!!!  It's interesting to read answers (all anonymously).  You can imagine my mind BUZZED as I tried to determine who may have written each comment, but I can sincerely say- I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!  I've had many many many people do it, so THANK YOU.  If you haven't and you WANT to...  click this link

Here's a story...
Lately, my asthma is giving me fits in the evening/nighttime.  It has led me to wander down to our couch to allow Craig to catch his beauty sleep in silence.  My nights end up restful, and it's not until MORNING when I've regretted my decision to relocate.
It's the way I've been AWAKEN!!!!!
You probably know Lydia is a teeny little thing.  I have joked that even though she's small, she behaves like a normal toddler might, and her actions and size seem out of proportion at times.  It makes me think of some crazy horror movie where a doll might come alive and go on some insane tirade!
Anyway... it undoubtedly adds to the creepiness as in the early morning hours, I've felt a strange presence and as I allow my eyes to crack slightly open- I FREAK OUT because right in front of my face, INCHES away is her scary... umm.... I mean SWEET little face staring right at me!
My heart races indeed!

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