May 7, 2010

Truckin' Along

Luke and I are leaving in the early hours of the morning tomorrow to head to the Ohio State Judo Competition. Yes, Luke's competing! Lydia's having a "big girl" overnight with some dear friends. Craig is running a few races in the next couple months.
I might have some funny stories
after these adventures.

For now though, life's just truckin' along.
We're outside every day enjoying the weather.  We talk walks.  We eat meals on our new patio.  We go to the park so Luke can ride his bike and Lydia can ride her scooter.  We go swimming at the YMCA.  We're spending time with our friends.  We are getting to know some of the neighbor kids.

We've created a life that I
always dreamed our kids could live.

Life Is Good *** We Are Blessed

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amanda said...

you three are super cute!!!