May 16, 2010


This weekend we traveled for Luke to compete in Indiana's State Judo ChampionshipHe did AWESOME!  He won 2nd place out of 8 boys in his age/weight group.  He won 3 of 5 matches (the two he lost were to the same boy- the 1st place winner).

We were very proud and Luke seemed to thoroughly enjoy his experience!  If you're interested, you can click the youtube links below to watch each match.  You may want to advance past the first portion of each video as Luke had to patiently wait for his opponents to be ready.

Congratulations, Luke!  Your hard work paid off!!!!
"Judo"n't know who you're messing with... right?!?!!"

Match 1: win #1- a great finish by Luke!

Match 2: loss #1, against the 1st place winner

Match 3: win #2 with a strong pin by Luke

Match 4: loss #2, against the 1st place winner- again

Match 5: win #3 finishing with a perfect throw

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Marisa said...

Zack and I just watched all 5 videos! Luke is so adorable!!!!! He did so well! It was great being able to see how he did! I hope he keeps it up!