May 9, 2010

My Mother's Day

This morning, Luke delivered a Mother's Day card to me. It had handprints stamped inside (a tradition Craig started before Luke was one) as their signatures. Lydia wanted something to hand over also, but hers was a previously opened card from my sister. It was nice though as she added her, "Happy Mother's, Mom!"
I chuckled as I watched them walk away until within a minute, Lydia turned around and marched right back over to me. She said, "I want to keep your card, Mom," with her hand stretched out. That stinker.

On the way home from church, we got into a family discussion about how fun Craig can be. I asked Luke to tell me what he likes about Daddy. He didn't hesitate long before spitting out a few of his favorite things about his dad. Craig attempted to shift the conversation. He mentioned that being Mother's Day- let's say things we love about MOMMYAwww..... right?!?!!!
Then the bomb dropped. Luke answered,
"Hmmmm. This is a hard one."  Boo Hoo wept my heart.

During dinner we played a game we sometimes play. It's called MAD, GLAD, SAD. To play everyone takes a turn naming things about their day that made them mad, glad, and sad. It prompts great conversation. Tonight the final round was to name something GLAD about your day. Mine was that I was still able to successfully do back flips on my parents' trampoline. SUPER COOL!!
Then Luke's GLAD melted my heart. Truly, an incredible answer.
He said his GLAD is that today was a day about mothers and he feels happy that it made ME (his MOM) feel happy. I welled up with tears and thanked him for his kind words. I then quickly changed my GLAD to being- hearing him tell me his GLAD.

What a wonderful day!

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