May 20, 2010

That's Not My Child

Tonight the kids and I went to cheer on their cousin in a "big boy" baseball game.  I couldn't help but feel terribly distracted by the 1st baseman for the other team.  This poor 8 year old had to pee more than I've ever seen ANYONE have to pee!!!!  It felt like the inning went on forEVER as he tried all the tricks in the book to "hold it".  He pinched.  He crossed his legs.  He bent over.  He walked around.  He grimaced.  He pinched some more.
It was AWFUL!
Then his team switched from fielding, and the poor kid was up to bat right away and couldn't run to the bathroom just yet.  Good news though- he had a super strong and awesome hit!  I imagine his adrenaline was pumping as he tried not to whiz in his trousers on the field, and quite possibly he had his best hit EVER!
But then... he had to take his position on a base and desperately "hold it" a little longer until he was batted in.  Needless to say there was more pinching going on!  It was quite a spectacle!
Where were his parents?  Surely they noticed the rather obvious signs!   Maybe they didn't want to admit they were related.
In the end, he DID get a free moment to sneak to the restrooms, and he finished the game with dry britches and no more pinches!

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crit said...

for the record... this is why i wasn't very successful in t-ball. i survived only one practice and one game. at said game i peed my pants because i wasn't allowed to leave the field and go to the bathroom. needless to say, i quit after that!

yep, i said it. i'm not too proud to admit it! :)