May 10, 2011

Tooth Fairy... wherefor art thou?

Luke lost his first tooth!  And I wasn't there.... boooooo

Craig had the kids at the YMCA for swim lessons, and he & Luke are in a disagreement as to where the tooth might be.  Luke thinks he swallowed it during dinner, and Craig thinks it's in the pool.
Both scenarios are terrible and gross.
When I got home this evening, Craig told me Luke had written a note to stuff into the pocket in his Tooth Fairy Pillow.

It read, "Dear Tooth Fairy,
I promise I lost my tooth. Love, Luke"
So I tip-toed into his room after he dozed off and sure enough...the Tooth Fairy did pay a visit. There's now a crisp dollar bill nicely rolled up and sticking out of the pocket, as well as some shiny gold glitter (aka FAIRY DUST) sprinkled about.
As far as the tooth???
Either the Pool Fairy or the Poop Fairy
won dibs on it this time.

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Christi said...

Awwwwww Luke lost his first tooth! :) I just showed Mac and Lily his toothless grin, and they were all smiles! :)