May 6, 2011


It's been rain... day after day for what seems likes MONTHS!  So, you can imagine my excitement to wake up to what might be a "nice" day.  I had a to-do list a mile long, but I decided to have an impromptu outing with the kids.
They were excited to dress when I told them we would go to a park.
So we went... to a park
then another park
then another park
then another
then another
and another
and another
and finally one more after that

Yep... 8 parks in under 3 hours.  PLUS, we grabbed Subway in the middle there somewhere and enjoyed lunch at one of the picnic shelters.
(Luke told me I should call the newspaper and they can put it in the World Record Book!)

- We're fortunate to be surrounded by so many neighborhood & community parks that it made it rather easy to visit so many, without much driving time.

For some of our more familiar parks, I gave them just 10 quick minutes to bust a move and try to do everything they wanted before it was time to leave.  They cracked me up as they flew around determined to touch every single piece of equipment.  Then we added in some parks that we frequently drive-by, but have never actually stopped in to play.  In fact, we found a new favorite!!!!

I wish I would have taken my camera!
Maybe next time, right?
I did tell the kids that someday we would try to break our record and do TEN in one day!
Parkapaloosa Part II

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crit said...

please invite lily to parkapaloosa part II. she needs the time with her besties and i need a break. :) thank you in advance for the invitation that i know will be coming. RH!