May 2, 2011

13.1 Done!

Well, I didn't get to prepare the way I'd planned.
The most I'd run was the 10K- which by the way- I feel I was pretty committed and successful in my training up until that point!
Then I got lazy!
I had only done a small handful of runs over the last couple of weeks.  I stayed in complete denial about what I was up against until just days before the "big race". 
A BIG But...
- I set a goal and I felt determined to meet it!!!

So, Craig and I were up and at 'em at 4am on Saturday morning and headed down to a dreary starting line.  It didn't take long and bang... off we went like piggies from a corral
(it WAS the Flying Pig, afterall).
Fortunately, the rain was light, and at one point the sun even peeked out to kiss our foreheads. 

Now, fast forward to mile 11...
the rain started to tinkle on us again and I began to realize I was ready to accomplish a very big moment in my life.  It's a little hard to think too proudly of it, because of course my awesome hubby was out there doubling my numbers every step of the way.
(He did the FULL marathon.)
To stay motivated, I had to stay focused though that it WAS a big deal and I SHOULD feel proud.
So, I passed the 11 mile mark and not only did I get drips of rain, but my eyes suddenly got blurred with a massive river of tears.  I could barely focus, literally.  I maintained composure and started bustin' a move with a great deal of enthusiasm and new-found energy.  The cheering crowd thickened at this point too.
I crossed the line, got my medal, ate some yummy snacks, and then had to take a sucky TWO MILE hike back to our car!!!!!  No joke!  How did we NOT realize that we should have parked at the FINISH line, not the START line!  I admit that was a miserable and very anti-climatic ending to the experience!
Craig finished like a machine and we swapped stories about experience.  Here were things we saw that were especially memorable:
  • A sign that read "Chuck Norris never ran a marathon!"
  • A person wearing a bigfoot costume with a sign saying "Run Human Run"
  • An Elvis impersonator singing karaoke at the Krohn Conservatory
  • A couple of runners dressed as Wonder Woman and the guy from The Incredibles
  • Some runners in pirate pig costumes
  • A runner with a shirt saying, "I've run a marathon in all 50 states... TWICE"
  • An accapella men's group at Eden Park
  • A sign about halfway that said "You're regretting it now, aren't you?"
  • A sign that read, "Don't stop!  Everyone's watching!"

It's ironic that BEFORE the race began, I would have sworn that I would never want to do it again,
A BIG But....
I actually did enjoy it so much that I anticipate I'll do it again.  And then maybe again. And who knows.... maybe someday I'll double my number too!!!!!!

Anywho, thanks for those that were supportive and encouraging.  Plus those that were holding me accountable to meet my goal.
You ALL are appreciated!

You know what else would be appreciated?
A massage!!!  ha ha

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Christi Traster said...

Way to go, Betsy!!!!! So so proud of you! What a fantastic accomplishment! :)