October 1, 2010

Our Faux Pas Family

Since Luke could speak, our family has called the crust of bread and buns/rolls/etc. "bones".  I'm not sure how this happened; it just did.  Now at the age of almost six, I think it's time we teach him the correct words.  I feel prompted to do so, because the other day we discussed what he wanted to eat.  He asked if we had hot dogs.  "Yes," I replied.  Then I hear, "Do we have bones?" Oops.  It occurred to me that he may not even KNOW they're called buns.

I'm beginning to teach piano lessons again!
I'm super excited about this!!!!!  It's three of my loves... kids, music and teaching all smooshed into one! 

Lydia sleeps diaper-free now!
It feels really early for this, but she was ready and SO AM I!  I may not have to buy one more diaper... EVER!  Yay Us!

This weekend we're celebrating Luke's birthday.
Plus Lydia and I are going to Disney Princesses on Ice. 
I'll surely have photos to share.

I debated writing this next story.
It's rather embarrassing (and slightly crude).  You know me though, I'm always pumped about a good laugh - so I truly hope you find it funny and not vomiticious!!!!  Yesterday morning, we were heading out after breakfast and as always I told the kids to go hit the bathrooms first.  Luke informed me, "I only have to pee, because I already made a big loaf this morning."  EXCUSE ME?!?!!!!!    How much more disgusting that can that sound???  I couldn't help myself though; I burst into a hysterical laughter.  I then gave my dutiful parental lecture and told him that the term "loaf" is only a word to be used around our close friends and immediate family, not for a general audience.   Barf!
Maybe I can take this as an opportunity to teach
the phrase faux pas.
Definition: a violation of accepted social norms
So... mental note: teach Luke the meanings for
"faux pas", "crust" and "buns".

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crit said...

that last story was g r o d y . i love it!