October 4, 2010

Disney on Ice

I took Lydia to see Disney Princesses on Ice this weekend.  I was informed about how we would see many many girls dressed up in costume.  Since Lydia on an almost DAILY basis has costumes on around the house, I thought I'd treat her to a special new gown.  We left early for a breakfast... just the two of us.  Then we stopped by Target and raided the Halloween rack until we found the perfect one.  Lydia was GLOWING with excitement as we pulled up to the The Nutter Center and saw dozens of little girly girls JUST LIKE HER!  Then as Cinderella made her grand entrance onto the ice, Lydia burst out with, "She is dressed JUST LIKE ME!"   I was a sappy mess during most the performance.  I cried several times, because I just felt overjoyed for her.  She was SO HAPPY!  I fell in love with her on a whole new level that afternoon.  It was our FIRST of MANY mother-daughter experiences!!!!! I LOVE MY DAUGHTER!

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