October 19, 2010


Have I said before how much I love my daughter?
I don't always mean to say Luke's gross, and I love my daughter.
I DO love them equally!!!
I just tend to adore Lydia's choice of activities around the house sometimes a little better... for now.
Well the other day, I walked passed a toy area and this tiny display caught my eye.  It's a miniature dollhouse we picked up for our 10+ hour vacation drive this past summer.  It was nice for Lydia to plop onto her lap and have some stationary fun in her carseat.  Well, bless her little heart... she just recently set up all of the furniture and placed the little mini-dolly right into the swimming pool for a dip-a-roo!
This little dolly is less than an inch long; the house is less than 6 inches tall. I can only imagine Lydia's teeny little fingers gently setting each piece into its place.
I LOVE my daughter!!!!

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