December 11, 2009

Snap! The Job's a Game


hee hee
As I described in an earlier post, we had a few missing pieces from our nativity sets.  Well now everyone's been found and are back in place!!! SO EXCITING!

Plus, we started the collection basket as I had described earlier - of items lying around the house out of place.  The first item in the basket?  LUKE'S MOUTHWASH!!!!  He LOVES his mouthwash!  In fact, when we first got him a bottle a couple months ago, he was SO excited that he used an entire bottle in ONE WEEK!!! YIKES!!! I guess I wasn't clear enough when I explained that he should do it only ONCE each day.  Well, he left his bottle and cap thrown aside on his sink a couple days ago and I snatched it right up to toss it into the basket.  Several other items have since been added- a pair of Lydia's shoes with some dolls stuffed inside and a card from our Memory game.
I DO still need a clever name for this collection basket. hmmm...
It may be strange, but it's actually FUN for me to glance around and devilishly look for items to grab.  I just hope the novelty doesn't wear off before the lesson is learned!

or better yet...

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