December 6, 2009

Nativities and Twix

We have many nativity sets around our house.
Let me count... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, SIX!
Two have the figures that are all glued into their little places. The rest of them have moveable characters.

It's been fun for both Luke & Lydia to reposition them.

Sometimes I see Joseph leading a parade.
Or sometimes it looks like "duck, duck, goose"
with Mary caught in the middle.
Or sometimes it appears the three kings maybe misbehaved,
because they've been forced to stand behind the stable in shame.
Or occasionally a camel is in the manger.
I never know what I'm going to see day after day.

As fun as this sounds, it's hasn't quite been as neat as I had hoped. As of yesterday, lost somewhere in the 7+ rooms of our house are a poor Mary, a donkey, a lamb and dare I confess...

So HEARTBROKEN I've been to know that the "STAR" of the show is possibly gone for good from two scenes.
Okay, though the GREAT news NOW is that as I wiggled under my bedcovers tonight, I felt something strange by my toes.
It was JESUS!!!! Jesus... right here in MY bed!
He had been buried deep under the quilts. I'd like think that Lydia, with all the best intentions, tucked Him sweetly into bed with a little kiss. Maybe not though. It could be that she and Luke were tossing Him around trying to get our dog to fetch. Poor Jesus.

I'm super glad to have this one back though. Now we need to find the OTHER one and the rest of the crew.

Needless to say, I enjoy finding silly pictures to go with some of my posts.  I tried to google such a nonsense topic as "Missing Jesus".  Not much luck, EXCEPT the fact that I felt comfort that I must not be the only person with this dilemma!!  They even have a t-shirt to describe this very thing!  Must be a common problem for families!   funny

(t-shirt says, "I Found Jesus!  He was hiding behind the couch.")

Here's another quick story...
Seriously, it just happened this very second!  As I was finishing typing the above section of this post, I heard our pantry doors squeak closed.  Craig and exchanged abrupt glances, and down the steps I flew!
Luke busted into tears holding a miniature TWIX!  That stinker! He immediately started sobbing and through the tears I heard him say, "You Hate Me Now."  It took alot of strength for me to hold back laughter.  We discussed it and he headed to bed after I assured him that I'll NEVER hate him, NO MATTER WHAT!  I did threaten to lock him in his room at night though.   hee hee


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crit said...

seriously funny stories! thanks for sharing them. :)