August 28, 2009

For The Love Of Music

Today the kids and I had wonderful time meeting our friends Christy & 2 year old, Lily, at Harvest Home park. The kids ran their hearts out until they were red in the face and dripping with sweat (gross, I know).
It was a super fun!
Then Christy and I back at her house rehearsed... that's right, "rehearsed" for our upcoming debut at West Park Retirement Community. A long time ago, she and I spent many hours playing piano and singing at whatever venue would allow us- i.e. school, nursing homes, church.
Well, we've been missing those days AND MEMORIES, and as it turns out Christy's great Aunt Genie has recently extended an invitation! SO, today we played our hearts out in practice of all of our favorites tunes, sifting through song after song to include only the very best. I'm excited to schedule a date soon... as it is a blessing to US to share our passion for music and to be in the presence of such amazing folks!!!

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crit said...

yahoo!!! i can't wait!

i'm shining my tap shoes!