August 23, 2009

Tie Dyed Toes

What a fun, fun evening my family had yesterday celebrating birthdays! Pizza brought by Trisha from Marco's (YUMMY!), cookies made by Michael (YUMMY!), and the best surprise EVER... some great party crashers- Aunt Pat, Jay, Maggie, and MASON! This was a real treat! Plus Mason's just as cute as can be these days! And other than cheerful squeals, we hardly heard a peep from of him all evening. He's a gem! I have to comment too that Jay & Maggie are the most adoring parents! Bravo!
On the agenda was an adventurous project-
We made TIE DYE t-shirts! That's right... we allowed the kiddos to be within 10 feet of PERMANENT coloring!!
Grandpa and Gina were hands on, as was I. We all have sprinkles of color on our hands to prove it.
The kids managed to do well (minus poor Jay) keeping their clothes speckle-free, but I neglected to think ahead about bare feet!!!! See proof of Luke & Lydia's little piggies... I think this color will be here to stay for awhile.
Thanks family- for a great time!


Michelle Prather said...

I LOVE this!!!

amanda said...

OMG!!! That is too funny!