June 7, 2011

Redefining "Powder Room"

Lydia and her dear friend (and partner in crime) decided it would be fun to play beauty parlor and busted out two full-size containers of baby powder.  As they mixed up some bizarre paste with some hair serum/gel, they emptied BOTH powder containers in mounds around Lydia's bedroom.  They applied this batter-type substance to their hair and faces and to various toys and furniture around her room.
How did I finally discover what was going on?
After periodically asking them what they were doing, and having them innocently reply, "Playing with dolls"
which wasn't a lie... the crud WAS on the dolls too!
I began to smell the fresh baby-bottom scent lingering down the stairwell.  From a flight of stairs away, the powder was drifting through the air, and I perked up with concern.
Below shows a photo of what I had to deal with.  It took lots of lathering with LOTS of shampoo to get it out of both of the girls' hair roots.  YUCK. 
They do smell AWESOME though!
The bedroom was in BAD shape as well, but with their dutiful help it didn't take too long to tidy.
Still there does remain a thin powdery dusting on all of the furniture on the second floor.

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Michelle said...

You have GOT to be kidding! Something inside me isn't so surprised though! lol