June 22, 2011

Happy Wednesday to Me

I still have not determined who had this brilliant idea, but here's what went down this happy Wednesday morning.
My two sweet, sweet children kept coming to me in bed and asking me to hurry up and come to the kitchen to fix them breakfast.  They presented themselves as starving children, and made a good case about why I should hustle.

Down the steps I walked to the welcoming committee...
That was the sound of a can of Silly String spraying all over me.  Yep.  Luke was hysterically laughing with his side-kick sister by his side.

At this point I had to really hold back, because all I could first see was the pastel colored gunk hitting my wood floor and landing on my carpet and in my hair and on my plant and on my dog.  I took a breath, slowly opened my eyes and then...
I got a teeny wad sprayed directly into my EYEBALL!  It was cold and this stuff literally stinks. 
I decided to let them finish their fun.
Afterall, it was not THEIR fault that their FATHER permitted such a scene.  In fact, I discovered he encouraged it and suggested they yell,
"Happy Wednesday!"

Apparently Lydia began to feel regret though as I was speckled and stringy from head to toe and started yelling,
"Luke, that's enough! Luke, STOP!" 
My sweet, sweet daughter.
Luke, though, didn't hold back.
He continued to spray two whole bottles until they couldn't squeeze out another single speck. 
It WAS funny.
Yet it WAS awful.
It DID take a LONG time to clean-up.
And then I DID kindly ask Craig not to give them Silly String EVER EVER again!

PS  Should I panic now or later about their super slyness?!

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