February 16, 2011

Thank You, Mr. Skunk. (and thank you, Craig)

FINALLY something to laugh about!  Well, maybe not yet, but I'm sure I'll be able to look back on this experience and laugh about it.  I HOPE.

Craig woke me at 5am to tell me, "I think Abi (our dog) got sprayed by a skunk."  I sat up confused.  My senses were not quite alert yet.  I saw Abi laying down by my feet on the bed.  I reached down and grabbed her to hug and pet her.  Still, my senses - or at least my sense of smell hadn't woken up yet.  I'm petting her and THEN I feel something a bit strange right below her neck.  Maybe a little bit wet feeling.
Yep, then my nose started to sniff a bit.
Is that what I think it is?!?!!!

I bust out of bed, grab the PERT from the shower and race down the steps.  All the way down, I'm holding poor Abi as far as possible away from my face and body.
Mind you, Craig is CRACKING UP at this point!
I toss Abi into our laundry room tub.  Then I ran to get my laptop to google.  I read about the traditional tomato juice (don't have any on hand) and that it's not perfectly effective.  Plus it warned that it can dye your pet red.  Several sites tell me to mix some concoction involving hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.  It gave warnings that it could be dangerous for a pet's eyes AND it's combustible!!!!
I read on another site to try dish detergent, specifically Dawn!  GOT IT!  I start rubbing it through her fur.  All the while the smell is getting worse and worse.  I run back to the computer and a couple sites instruct NOT to lather up and rub it all around, because it can spread the oil :(  CRUD!  It explained the scent can last for months and even up to 2 years.
I decided the best thing I can do is shave her.  Typically, I do all of her haircuts, but I don't want my shears stinkin' after this.  I hope to be the very first customer at the groomer this morning.
Poor Abi.  Poor ME, because I think it's on me and I don't want to smell like poo poo.  And my poor quilt!

Craig's gone to work now, but I imagine his sense of smell will be nice and refreshed when he comes back home this afternoon.  I fear this stench is here to stay in the Myers' household for awhile!

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amanda said...

Oh no!! That is terrible! How are things today? Poor Abi, and your poor quilt!!!