September 22, 2010

hard as nails

Today I experienced a parenting FIRST!!!
It's been awhile since I've gone through
something that hasn't already happened before.

I was clipping Luke's toenails,
Snip  Snip  Snip
(gross topic, I know)
I typically do this after the shower
when they're softer, but I did it today
when they're hard as "nails"!
hardy har har
In an instant one flew straight into my eyeball!!!
OUCHY!!!! I seriously had a little dagger
in my eye for a few seconds.
It was disgusting AND it hurt!!!!

This has NEVER happened before,
and I hope it NEVER happens again. 
It may be time to show Luke
how to cut his own stupid nails!

PS  I almost posted this on facebook,
but I decided I'd rather not let the
300 people who know me read it,
but rather just the few who actually care
about us.  Don't you feel honored!?!?!!?!!!!!

1 comment:

Marisa said...

I DO feel honored!! :)
I hope your eye is okay!