September 16, 2010

A little bit of this. A little bit of that.

We have a dry erase board in our kitchen where we leave messages (mostly between Craig and myself).  The other day though, Luke was proud to show me HIS artwork...
How sweet- his name and a heart, but THEN...
he loudly announced that his "man" is yes- you see it correctly...
he's PEEING!
Ugh... BOYS! gross


Tonight at soccer practice, Luke was chasing the ball around the field with his teammates, and during a scrimmage, he supportively informed his teammate (WHILE ON THE FIELD TOGETHER), "Gavin! You're surrounded!"
Ummm..... a little help from your feet and not your mouth would have been nice, Luke.


This is Lydia's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang costume,
as she calls it.


During Lydia's gymnastics class at The Little Gym today, we experienced a funny moment, although not with my child.  A preschool age classmate of hers took a potty break during class and after a few moments passed, the little girl bolted out of the restroom WITHOUT any bottoms on!  Yep... bare buns bounding across the gym floor.  Her mother was mortified and flew after her.  I would have ran after my child too, but probably after I would have taken pictures!!! ha ha

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amanda said...

HAHA Love his picture....boys will be boys!!