April 12, 2011

Yes! We Have No Bananas

 My kids like Dunkin' Donuts MUNCHKINS.  Well, who doesn't.... right!?
SO, I picked them up a box this week and they gobbled a good amount.  After they had their fill, they left 6 little yummies as leftovers.

The next morning at the breakfast table they made their breakfast requests, which of course included the 6 little yummies.  Too bad their dad sniffed out those 6 little yummies and helped himself to them before the kiddos even woke up.  He did feel compelled to keep their little dream box full though.

I took a picture of what they were offered in place of their 6 little yummies.

I SHOULD have taken a picture of their miffed little faces.


crit said...

HA! classic.

Michelle said...

Heehee! I bet they were a bit miffed! Nice Craig, looking out for their best interests in the nutrition area.