August 29, 2010

Recap of Summer, 2010

In July, we took a super fun and relaxing vacation
in Myrtle Beach.  Luke spent much of it underwater,
while Lydia spent her time FLOATING about
and digging in the sand.
Luke and I went parasailing.
We BOTH loved it!  He takes after me,
with his thrill-seeking personality.

This summer, we made many, many trips
to Kings Island.  Luke's grown tall enough
to enjoy some more daring slides.
Lydia also experienced some
new and exciting water slides.

Lydia turned three this month.
It's truly hard to believe the time has passed
so quickly.  The day of her party had her
filled with excitement.  We even set up
her dollies to join in the festivities.
We found her PARTY DRESS in the
"play clothes" aisle at Target.  It caught her eye
and we KNEW we just HAD to have it!
It's fun and happy and girly.  It completely represents
my little sweet-pie!  I had a cool idea of
making her cake to match her dress too.
I'm happy with how perfectly it turned out!

During a horrific windstorm, our front
porch pole was ripped off of our house.
Even worse- our neighbor's trampoline
was lifted UP into the air, yet set nicely into
a DIFFERENT neighbor's yard!  No joke...
this trampoline should be on
the OTHER side of the fence you see.

Luke started kindergarten last week.
He had NO problem or hesitation stepping
up onto the bus.  It was a strange
and bittersweet moment for me.  I'm sure
going to miss my little man around the house!

Lydia started gymnastics this month
at our favorite place EVER... The Little Gym!
She LOVES her sparkly new leotard!

A funny story...
We recently had our dear (3 year old) friend, Lily, for a
sleepover.  I allowed all three kids to get out sleeping bags
and sprawl out on Lydia's bedroom floor together.
There was certainly more giggling and playing around
than I'd prefer.  At one point Luke tattled on the girls,
because they were taking turns saying,
"pee-pee" and "poopie".  WOW  They were really being
daring and sneaky with their dirty words, weren't they?!!?!
So innocent and SO FUNNY!

Lastly, I saw the largest praying mantis I've
ever seen in my entire life on a bush in our
front flower bed.  It measured nearly 5 inches long
and was CREEPY!!!! (this is actually a photo I took of it)

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